Thursday, September 3, 2015

A tent that was a symbol of Islamic power at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Royal Round Tent Made for Muhammad Shah (ruled 1834–48). Iran, Rasht, Qajar period (1779–1925).
OHIO--At Islamic courts, tents were symbols of royal power and prosperity; wealthy dynasties owned thousands of tents in various shapes and sizes. Tents were often presented as luxurious gifts but also pitched for imperial ceremonies and military campaigns, and while travelling. The Cleveland Museum of Art has acquired a spectacular imperial tent, on display to the public for the first time from July 19, 2015, to June 26, 2016, created for Muhammad Shah who ruled Iran from 1834 to 1848 during the Qajar dynasty.

Cleveland Museum of Art: "Muhammad Shah's Royal Persian Tent" (Ends June 26, 2016); 11150 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH; (216) 421-7340;

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Private collection of Italian manuscript illuminations to be auctioned in September

Leonardo di Bernardino da Pistoia, The Annunciation. Oil on gold on wood. signed: LEONARDVS F. BERNARDINI DEPiSTORio P.
SWITZERLAND---During their six-day series of auctions from 14 – 19 September, Koller Auctions will offer an important private collection of Italian miniatures. Meticulously assembled over three decades by a passionate collector, it features works by important masters from Bologna, Siena, Florence, Venice, Padua and other centers of production, including Andrea di Bartolo, Cristoforo Cortese, Giovanni di Paolo, and Neri da Rimini. [link]

Danish-born Alexander Tovborg is engrossed with all religious experiences

Untitled (credo quia absurdum), 2015 Bronholm rosa granite, gold leaf, glass, water from Prometheus Cave 34 3/5 × 25 3/5 × 25 3/5 in
DENMARK---Despite the fact that artist Alexander Tovborg identifies with no one religion, and never has, he is engrossed in religious experience, mythology, and spirituality. Tovborg constantly reads, attends services, embarks on pilgrimages, and speaks with devout individuals. Tovborg’s paintings—vivid, large-scale acrylics on felt, in jewel tones that make use of a carefully crafted, highly symbolic visual lexicon—gracefully and imaginatively embody the human experience of religion. [link]

Purchase Islamic Art to fight AIDS in America

Philip Taaffe Asuka Nimbus Hand-pulled relief print on Hannemühle Black No. 313 paper Edition of 35 41 × 33 in.
NEW YORK---The online sale of works supports Visual AIDS, continues through September 4, 2015. Visual AIDS is a contemporary arts organization committed to raising AIDS awareness and creating a dialogue around HIV issues today, by producing visual art projects. The proceeds of each sale will benefit Visual AIDS, New York in assisting artists living with HIV/AIDS. Visual AIDS is committed to preserving and honoring the work of artists with HIV/AIDS, and the artistic contributions of the AIDS movement. [Purchase]

Faith vacation ideas for day-trips in central Pennsylvania

By Caitlin Kerfin

PENNSYLVANIA---If you're looking for a vacation that recharges the body and soul, try visting some of the area's shrines and historic religious spots. Pennsylvania is known for its history in being a place for religious freedom, so there are plenty to choose from. [link]